Deli ostrich, s.a. - Company in Wingene, Belgique - Allbiz
    Deli ostrich, s.a. - Company in Wingene, Belgique - Allbiz
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    Deli ostrich, s.a. - Company in Wingene, Belgique - Allbiz

    Deli ostrich, s.a., Wingene

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    Deli ostrich, s.a., Wingene
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    Сompany address: Wingene, Belgique
    Gravestraat 7B
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    De l’entreprise Deli ostrich, s.a.

    Deli Ostrich is building on a tradition of half a century of processing and trade in game and poultry. Until the importation of ostrich meat in 1988, exclusively local products were brought onto the market. In the following year the present business manager Luc Deleersnijder succeeded his father at the head of the company, established in De Haan on the Belgian Coast. A new complex of buildings with a thirty ton storage capacity was brought into operation. Since then Deli Ostrich has supplied exotic game ostrich to the largest Belgian chain stores. Three years later Deli Ostrich was the first in Europe to offer crocodile meat. In that same year kangaroo and springbok were added to the product range. None of these meats are treated with hormones. All the animals are organically bred or harvested under regulated conditions and slaughtered, cut and packaged in accordance with strictly regulated methods. Exotic meats are exceptionally tasty and nutritious and, in addition, in comparison to beef, are exceptionally low in calories and fat. Deli Ostrich adheres to all European Community standards and is currently the European market leader in exotic game. In October 1998 Deli Ostrich moved to Wingene for more space and for the potential introduction of new exotic quality products. But Deli Ostrich will only bring a new type of meat onto the market after extensive testing of both breeding and slaughtering procedures, the quality of the product, the European guidelines, the taste and wishes of the consumer.
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